Re-Shape and play with it!

I’ve been using American Crew products for some time, and they are doing a pretty good job. The only problem i find is that at times, the texture of my hair becomes rather…un-natural. Maybe it’s a problem with the hairspray, or maybe the product and look I’m trying to achieve.


I discovered the brand Paul Mitchell whilst getting my hair trimmed at StudioBeSalon. The two products that i’ve bought are the Re-Works, and Spray Wax.


Re-Works: I personally find that this cream has a lighter weight than the American Crew Forming Cream. It’s less sticky, easier to mix in your hands, and provides a more natural look. There is no sticky feeling after blow-drying and it maintains the hold decently.

Basics: Creates clean, moveable texture.

Benefits: Bendable formula allows for easy restyling.
Bonus:  Can be used on wet hair for a natural finish
or on dry hair for bold texture.


Spray Wax: This was definitely something new to me, and when i first saw the bottle i thought it was just some final setting hairspray. It sprays out exactly like any hairspray, and i use it after blowdrying my hair (with Re-works in it) This product creates more texture and separation in my hair, and the result is achieved by blow-drying again. My hair did look a lot more natural, and lively; compared to when i was simply using American Crew Forming Cream. I do however find that it lacks strength in setting hair, so i do need to use an additional hairspray.

Basics: Creates bendable texture.
Benefits:  Delivers a satin finish.
Bonus: Light aerosol mist is easy to apply

to all hair lengths and hair types.
Overall im liking their products. They’re not overly expensive, and come in reasonable sizes.

Walk Over & Magnanni Shoes

Sometimes when I’m bored, i do online shopping. i don’t really like online shopping, because i can’t see the real thing, but sometimes you just really want something…and so out of the blue i decided to buy these.IMG_0183

Walk Over: Suede & Leather Saddle Oxford

i was deciding whether i should get sizes 9.5 or 10, since my right foot is bigger than my left. However they fit very well, with a tad of looseness in my left foot.


Comes with a rather nice dust bag. each shoe has an individual compartment.


Walk Over: Two-Tone Suede Midi Derby

took forever to lace it up. had the other pair not been laced, then i would not know how to do it….


Magnanni Leather Lace-Up Wingtips


After i wear them for a while, then ill write up about the comfort and everything else.


Saint Laurent – Signature 4 Fragments Zipped Wallet/Case

I’ve been looking everywhere for something with a zip to put coins in, but then also be able to hold notes and cards.  I don’t usually do online shopping, because i like seeing the “real” thing in front of me, before i purchase it. This item however was the last one, and I’m pretty sure this (A/W13/14) season’s item, so boutiques won’t be having them in stock for much longer anyway. Besides, a 20 day refund policy ain’t bad.

It’s not available right now, but they may restock it again:


Other brands usually just give you a cloth to wrap around your wallet, but Saint Laurent has a dust bag, which adds a nice perk to it.


DIMENSIONS: 19.0 X 9.5 X 1.0 CM


I think it’s water resistant, to an extent. It’s shiny, which i didn’t expect, and so there probably might be some coating on it.


For size comparisons, check out how it sizes up against a dollar bill, and a card holder.


The card section is slightly tighter than the Prada, so you may need to slide it in with a bit more care, until the leather softens up.


I can fit my passport into the compartment, BUT then i wouldn’t be able to zip it up. Maybe ill need to find a passport holder…


Besides the wallet, i wanted to review my experience on the Saint Laurent Online store. First of all, are affiliated in some way with the Online store, and customer reviews aren’t particularly positive (in regards to YOOX).  I don’t know whether it was shipped from the YSL warehouse in New Jersey, or the YOOX warehouse, which is also situated there. Shipping speed was slowed down because of President’s Day (they dont ship on that day), so my order was shipped on the 18th of February (today’s the 24th of Feb). If it had gone past the 7 day mark, then yea i wouldn’t be too happy about it.

Although everything came within a reasonable time frame, i think their customer service wasn’t spectacular as it should be. Their contact phone number always went to voice mail, and I’m absolutely sure their peak hours are not from 7am to 7pm. They respond to emails selectively, and rather slowly too. (i  also emailed the Hawaii boutique, and they responded very fast)

Overall, the experience with YSL online was average.* If i didn’t like my purchase, then it would just be bad. However, on a positive note their website has a very simple and classic look, very easy to navigate.

*Compared to the only other time i ordered something online was with Louis Vuitton Australia; which they were fast and responsive; i.e. fantastic.


Aesop Products Review

I started using Aesop last year (2013) in August, and i think 90%+ of my regime consists of Aesop products now.  How do they fare against  Armani, Lancome, Chanel, Sisley, Kiehls, Clinique, & Ettusais?


1. Amazing Face CleanserIMAG1246

It’s suited for oily/combination skin, and i think it works just as well, as the Giorgio Armani cream cleanser. I like the pump and glass bottle, and it smells decent. Overall, it cleans efficiently and doesn’t leave skin overly dry. [9/10]

2. B&Tea Balancing TonerIMAG1247

This toner is by far the best i’ve ever used. It doesn’t cause my skin to go red afterwards, and really calms the skin. It’s got a pleasant scent, and works perfectly for me. Its got the same density as water, so splashing it onto the face is easier than using a cotton pad. [9.5/10]

3. Oil Free/Parsley Seed Serum MoisturizerIMAG1242 


There isn’t much different in texture between the two, but ingredients wise, the parsley seed contains more active vitamins and oils, giving it  stronger hydration. However, if your skin doesn’t need the excessive vitamins, then the oil-free serum is the better choice. Were you to go with the parsley seed, but unsure as to whether the excessive ingredients will cause a breakout, just use it in the morning or night. For me, the oil free is my choice, as i noticed minor breakouts after using the parsley (so i use it once a day and it’s working out fine). Oil Free:[9/10] & Parsley: [8/10]

4. Tea Tree Leaf Facial ExfoliantIMAG1245

After the Giorgio Armani exfoliant was discontinued, i couldn’t find anything that provided the scrub texture, yet wasn’t excessively rough on the skin. The TTF Facial Exfoliant is a great choice, as you can control how much exfoliant you need. Although aesop sales recommend using it with their cleansers, i like using it with the Giorgio Armani Cleanser, so it works along with the salicylic acid as well. [9/10]

5.Primrose Facial Cleansing MaskIMAG1249

Ive used several different masks, and i think they’re all the same to be honest. The primrose facial cleansing mask doesn’t cause my skin to go red afterwards, and i find that it’s quite easy to spread out. It is more expensive than Kiehls, cheaper than Sisley, but why not use an entire lines product? [7.5/10]

Overall, i find Aesop products are well worth their value. Their prices are not expensive at all, and have provided the result i have been looking for over the past few years. I did question their label as it was Australian, however they have created a very decent line of skincare. I guess this shows that not all european skincare lines are the best, and the only important factor is whether a line or product tends to your particular need.


Rules are made to be broken – 13 and Onwards, Doctor

As the saying goes, the world will end not with a bang, but a whimper.; with Matt Smith’s exit, it ended not with a “bang”, but a less than one second regeneration. Although the ending to the Christmas special 2013 was far from what I expected and wished for, ie Peter Capaldi to take River Song on her final trip before the library, Amelia Pond’s cameo was just as breathtaking and memorable.


I’ve read a lot of comments that viewers believed the episode was not at the show’s best. I TOTALLY disagree. For me, it was just as spectacular an episode, as The Name of the Doctor was. Questions and mysteries were answered, and all correlated with one another seemingly. The crack in the wall, the silence, the explosion of the Tardis, River Song’s existence, the bitter war. All these mysteries answered, short and simply.


I never quite enjoyed Clara, yet her presence in the 50th anniversary, and both this and last years Christmas specials, really showed her potential as a lovable companion. Will she top Amy Pond, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, & Rory? That is one big task, and right now she just isn’t as settled as the other companions were, when they started.


It’s a moment of reality during the last few minutes of the episode. Matt’s vision of little Amelia, and Amy took the episode to its height; as did most regeneration scenes from previous doctors. When David revisited his companions, it too was quite emotional and distraught. (I only started Who from the 9th Doctor; Chris)

 The 50th, having set the bars for a great Christmas episode, sure ended well. I personally rated the 50th an 8/10, and with this Christmas episode too. Much better than most, if all of the episodes shown throughout Clara’s season.


What defines you as a person? Is it pathetic for sexuality to define who you are?

Is it pathetic to let sexuality define whom you are? Does the question imply that sexuality alone is the sole definition of your identity? Or those whom use the lone factor of sexuality to define their identity are pathetic?  Alternatively, is it that if one uses sexuality as a factor that defines whom they are, indicate how pathetic one is? The question itself can be read in numerous ways, and so it would be difficult to answer them generally. What should be considered is whether sexuality actually defines who you are. Does sexuality define you entirely?


So sometimes i just click on friends of friends on Facebook, just to see whether i can dig up anything interesting. In general, Facebook statuses don’t offer much debatable topics, but more of statements that express your daily doings; reminiscent of a diary. It’s not very arguable when all you can debate is….whether someone is a dumb ass bitch or not…actually i could do it all day! =)

By chance, i came across a friend of a friend, whom posted their answer/opinion to a rather absurd question: Do you think its pathetic for someone to let their sexuality define them?

[Keeping some level of confidentiality] Their answer truly sparked up some interest and thinking, as to how someone should define themselves. Quoting part of their answer: My sexuality got me bullied, my sexuality made me dance, my sexuality made me fall in love, my sexuality made me find the people I cherish in my life.

First of all, why is there such an urge for definition? If we use the music industry as an example,  the reason for individuality and definition is to stand out amongst the millions of artists [past and present], and as a result, aim to succeed through your uniqueness. Returning to a daily life, why do we want individuality and definition? Is it because of how the internet has arguably generalised everyone, and resultantly individuals don’t want to be associated with “mainstream” people? Or is it because we value our ego so much, that we believe we are all different, and thus must separate ourselves amongst one another, to prove how indifferent and better we are? The above questions cannot be answered in the affirmative, yet neither should they be in the negative. Each individual has their own history; thoughts; morals; beliefs; and any other factor which contributes to defining them.  Ego, & the internet generalisation, are just one of the many factors that play a role as to how someone is defined. The urge to define, objectively, may be seen as a method of dreaming and paving our future. By defining ourselves, we would be able to construct a seemingly possible reality of our future, and how we can achieve such desires. Contrastingly, without a clear definition of who we are presently, how is it possible to predict or construct our future selves? Another way of understanding the urge to define, is humanity seeking guidance. What we have become today, is a result of how we lived; defined; and dreamt in the past. Using our history, we are able to guide ourselves into a “better” future. The definition of “better” will undoubtedly fluctuate, in accordance with the current political and standards of society. “Better“, personally, is the result of whom we were, and how we tried to learn from our faults and develop an improved future, where past mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Now, the question. Does sexuality define you entirely? Referring to the above, it is only reasonable to assume that sexuality is only one of the many factors that defines an individual. Honestly, if it were the sole consideration, then there would only be three types of people: straight, homosexual, and bisexual. “Tri-sexual”, as i often quote, is not applicable. Modern society seems to have placed such an emphasis on sexuality, that many people consider it to be the sole, or if not, primary consideration as to whom a person is. Yes, sexuality possibly branches off into one’s personal beliefs; morals; values; etc. What seems to be forgotten is that other factors, despite arguably being influenced by one’s sexuality, exist and define an individual as well. Some may then argue that sexuality is the seed, and that all other factors are just the roots; i.e. branching off from one factor, and as a result the entire process of defining one’s self is actually via sexuality. However, why is sexuality the beginning? Is it that one cannot define themselves without beginning with sexuality? It would be absurd to believe that there is any bar on which one factor an individual is to base their identity off of. Instead, what seems to be correct, is that many people begin building their identity through a series of factors; multiple seeds that lead on to extensive branching out.

Back to the original question, is it pathetic to allow sexuality to define who you are? If this question was asked any more simpler, then i don’t believe it would have been answerable. Why is it pathetic for one to use sexuality to define whom they are? What basis and ground is this question asking? More importantly, what does it mean by pathetic?  Oh, and doesn’t the entire world use sexuality to define whom they are; i.e. everyone considers themselves as straight, homosexual, or bisexual. Does that mean everyone is pathetic? Or is that… the question was asked too simplistically? Really, the original question has no real necessity and value. What we should question, is how we should define ourselves, and how can we improve on our future?