Re-Shape and play with it!

I’ve been using American Crew products for some time, and they are doing a pretty good job. The only problem i find is that at times, the texture of my hair becomes rather…un-natural. Maybe it’s a problem with the hairspray, or maybe the product and look I’m trying to achieve.


I discovered the brand Paul Mitchell whilst getting my hair trimmed at StudioBeSalon. The two products that i’ve bought are the Re-Works, and Spray Wax.


Re-Works: I personally find that this cream has a lighter weight than the American Crew Forming Cream. It’s less sticky, easier to mix in your hands, and provides a more natural look. There is no sticky feeling after blow-drying and it maintains the hold decently.

Basics: Creates clean, moveable texture.

Benefits: Bendable formula allows for easy restyling.
Bonus:  Can be used on wet hair for a natural finish
or on dry hair for bold texture.


Spray Wax: This was definitely something new to me, and when i first saw the bottle i thought it was just some final setting hairspray. It sprays out exactly like any hairspray, and i use it after blowdrying my hair (with Re-works in it) This product creates more texture and separation in my hair, and the result is achieved by blow-drying again. My hair did look a lot more natural, and lively; compared to when i was simply using American Crew Forming Cream. I do however find that it lacks strength in setting hair, so i do need to use an additional hairspray.

Basics: Creates bendable texture.
Benefits:  Delivers a satin finish.
Bonus: Light aerosol mist is easy to apply

to all hair lengths and hair types.
Overall im liking their products. They’re not overly expensive, and come in reasonable sizes.